UKEN is western Norway’s second largest culture festival and is held every other year mainly by students at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration. 17 days will be filled with revues, concerts, shows in the Aula, world record attempts and much more. Even though UKEN primarily is held by NHH students, UKEN is a festival for all of Bergen, all of Norway, for all of the world, where everyone can find something that suits them.

Central to UKEN is the UKErevue. Every UKEN we set the stage for our own show, which has won the national prize several times over the years. UKEN has a tradition for revues that has roots stretching back to 1947, with many famous artists starting their career here, such as Jo Nesbø and Raske Menn

Concerts are also a big part of UKEN and the UKENtent and the Aula have hosted big names, such as Travis, Turboneger, Belle & Sebastian, The Cardigans, Jason Mraz, 50 Cent, The White Stripes, Kygo, Klingande, Backstreet Boys, Kaizers Orchestra, Veronica Maggio og Tiesto.

Although the revue and the concerts are what most people associate with UKEN, it is so much more. The child’s day, the elderly’s day, world record attempts, the Bergen action, Aula shows, stand-up, courses, business days – and much more. Three weeks of experiences for old and young makes UKEN a culture happening you can’t miss!

UKEN14 had a turnover of just under 12 million NOK, and 30 000 tickets sold. We’re looking forward to welcoming you to UKEN16 from the 25th of February to the 13th of March 2016